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Solving real world problems by applying cutting-edge research in behaviour change.

What we do

Most challenges can only be solved by people, organisations, businesses and governments changing their behaviour. We are a consultancy specialising in behaviour change to address real world problems.

We help our clients understand human behaviour and create impactful solutions, strategies and policies.


With a data-driven approach and application of cutting edge research in behavioural science, we operate in a new kind of strategic consulting that is deeply rooted in scientific research along with a collaborative approach.

We provide public and private organisations with insights and evidence-based strategies that facilitate behaviour change among citizens, customers, users and employees.

We help our clients create positive change by addressing the barriers that inhibit people from acting in a way that benefits themselves and society as a whole.


Behavioural reduction
Identify behavioural problem and define target behaviour.


Behavioural diagnosis
Analysis through the lens of behavioural science.


Conceptualise a behaviourally informed solution.


Identify mode of delivery and implement the solution in its given context.


Evaluate the solution and disseminate important learnings.


We help organisations, teams and individuals to successfully change human behaviour.

We deliver new insights and design innovative and impactful interventions that create behaviour change. This is made possible through the application of behavioural data, the latest academic insights and world leading behaviour change frameworks.

In our projects we collaborate with all kinds of competencies; from product teams and marketing departments to policy and communications professionals.

Data-driven evaluation

Areas of expertise

Behavioural Public Policy
Financial wellbeing
Digital innovation


Nordic Behaviour Group was founded by Erik Bohjort, Gabriella Stuart and Niklas Laninge.

Erik Bohjort
Erik is a licensed psychologist and former head of research at fintech-company Gimi. Erik has expert-knowledge in quantitative analysis and a passion for improving digital services. Today he makes sure all our projects have well defined outcome-measures and that all efforts get evaluated rigorously.

Gabriella Stuart
Gabriella holds an MSc in Behaviour Change from University College London and an MSc in Sociology. She's a published researcher with unique expertise in the framework Behaviour Change Wheel. Today she leads project work that includes qualitative analysis, coding of data and behavioural strategy.

Niklas Laninge
Niklas Laninge is a psychologist and serial-entrepreneur. Since 2010 Niklas has been working with large and small organisations helping them innovate in the intersection between technology and psychology. Today he's our CEO and serves as an advisor to many of our clients.

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We are a proud member of the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Science (GAABS).

GAABS is the world’s first independent organisation representing the interests of applied behavioural scientists, primarily working in the private sector.

The organisation has a clear scientific, social and non-commercial purpose. Membership is open to both individuals and organisations working in applied behavioural science.

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